Why you should enter the ECN IMPACT Awards

Last year’s ECN IMPACT Awards were a grand old time. And this year’s show figures to be even better.


Top 5 reasons to enter the ECN IMPACT Awards

We’d like to present the top 5 reasons to enter the ECN IMPACT awards, held at the Mirage Las Vegas during EDS 2015.

How to Win an ECN IMPACT Award

How to Win an ECN IMPACT Award

As the judges review all the entries, they are looking for what we’ve come to call the Wow! Factor. These 5 tips aim to give you an edge over the competition.

Now Accepting Applications to Judge the 2015 ECN IMPACT Awards!

We hold our ECN IMPACT Award judges to the highest standard of fairness, accuracy, and integrity.

The entry process for the
2015 ECN IMPACT Awards

has been completed!


Click below for more information on eligibility and
The 9 Things You Need to Know for Submitting an Entry.

We’ve added more categories to the 2015 Awards
in an effort to reward and recognize outstanding innovation.
They can be viewed by clicking on the Award Categories tab.

Judging criteria and the online application are
available by clicking on the Judges tab.

Check out the 2014 Winners and 2014 Finalists.

The full list of the 2014 ECN IMPACT Awards winners,
detailing their technologies, was presented in the
May 15th issue of ECN  or you can visit ECNmag.com.


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Important Dates

Entries Are Closed.                                   
Check Back Soon for This Year's Winners

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